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About Us

ACCSERVE CO., LTD.                                                                 

Who we are

       We are accounting and audit firm in Thailand with international and local customers. We have experienced in preparing financial statements according to accounting standards and auditing financial statements according to auditing standard as well.

      Moreover, Because of many regulations imposed by government, we can help customer make them easy such as steps of how to start up business, how to apply for work permit and visa.

       We perceive that to provide best service, we need to know what customers want "Customer-Based Criteria" and the relationship between price and usefulness of services "Value-Based Criteria" After achieving both criteria, We can make customer satisfied that is the final objective in order to carry on business.


       Accserve has more than 13 experienced accountants and accounting technicians who will provide exceptional service to your agency.

       Our staff includes several Certified Public Accountants and, in addition to many accountants who have substantial technical experience in Federal accounting operations and financial systems administration.

       In addition to providing quality accounting services, Accserve is also a people–oriented service provider. Our staff focuses on providing the highest level of customer service that can be offered. We are responsive to your needs and we are always available to answer your questions and to discuss issues of concern with you.

Our Performance Record

       Accserve has been providing accounting services to agencies of the Federal government for more than four years. During that time we have established a reputation for:

   + Paying invoices on time.

   + Providing timely budget reports.

   + Meeting external reporting due dates.

   + Practicing good cash management.

   + Receiving clean audit opinions.

       Our customers' satisfaction with the level of service that we provide has spread by word–of–mouth, with the result being a consistent growth in our customer base. While we are pleased with the growth that we have experienced, we remain committed to providing exceptional service to each of our customers. Customer service has always been and will remain our first priority.


     Service Level

         1. Accounting Services

         2. Audit & Advisory Services

         3. Taxservices

         4. Bussiness Consulting

         5. Work Permit, Visa and Certificate of Residence

     Management Level

         1. Marketing

         2. Accounting and Finance

         3. Administration

 The service consists of firms that provide a range of

1. Accounting services, including the audit and review of financial records, the preparation of financial statements and accounting reports, the development of budgets, the design of accounting systems, and the provision of advice on accounting matters

2. Auditing Services, including Full Statutory Audit, Internal Audit.

3. Work permit, Visa and Certificate of residence service

       Our firms may also provide other related services such as bookkeeping and payroll services, tax return preparation, management consulting and insolvency. 

Accounting Service

       Accounting Services is responsible for processing and recording complete, accurate and timely financial information to be used for reporting, management, and decision making.

       Responsibilities also include maintenance of the general ledger and preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end financial reports, and various reconciliations. Accounting also maintains the chart of accounts, and cash accountability for investment of funds and assists with and responds to external and internal audits for both legal and GAAP based accounting and audit requirements. For a more detailed list of responsibilities.

       Our Accounting Services Division offers a complete range of financial services to a wide variety of Federal agencies. On one end of the spectrum, we can provide total accounting support including transaction processing, system setup and support, and comprehensive reporting. At the other end, if all you need is platform support, we can provide a fully integrated and modern system that can be configured to meet the financial needs of any Federal organization. We can also provide services at any level in between.

Our accounting services include:

        Processing accounting transactions for single, multi, and no–year appropriated funds, as well as revolving and trust funds.
 Preparing financial statements and various other financial management reports. 

        Providing financial audit support:

       We believe that our ability to provide a modern, web–based, integrated financial system in combination with an experienced and dedicated staff makes Accserve the best value alternative for customers.

       We invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about our accounting services and our commitment to the highest level of customer service.

       We offer clients three principal types of accounting service Accounting and Tax Services, and Solutions to Accounting Problems.

       Accounting and Tax Services

      We can establish and maintain a set of books for smaller companies using either our in-house accounting software or the software of your choice. The service can be customized according to your needs and typically includes payroll, the preparation of the Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet on a monthly basis and the preparation of other accounts-based management reports that you may require from time to time. A set of annual accounts in a form suitable for audit will also be prepared. Again, specialized knowledge on tax, accounting and regulatory issues is available to you as part of the package.

        Solutions to Accounting Problems

       We help you to solve specific accounting problems or assist in case of a breakdown in the accounting system. We can determine whether the problem is system-, personnel- or transaction-based and then propose and implement the most appropriate solution, including, where necessary, staff training. We can recreate historic accounting records, ensuring that you have a clean set of books going forwards, particularly from a tax perspective.

       We provide the advice that enables companies to solve their tax problems. Our services in this area include Strategic Tax Planning and Payroll Services.

        Strategic Tax Planning

       We offer high level strategic advice designed to help companies and businessmen plan their local tax affairs efficiently, particularly with regard to the payment of local corporate tax and to the VAT implications of the import/export of goods and services overseas.

       Payroll Services

       We provide full payroll services, not only providing services more cost-effectively than many companies can provide internally, but also ensuring confidentiality. We use specialized payroll software and can prepare customized payroll reports and salary slips. Our payroll services can be provided either as part of a general accounting package or on a stand-alone basis.

       Auditing Service
       We have a team of fully qualified Thai Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) and can provide Full Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Accounting Systems Reviews.

        Full Statutory Audit

       Statutory audit services are offered through our separate audit company, Accserve Co., Ltd. Using in-house audit programs that are designed to ensure acceptable audit risk and appropriate and complete audit procedures, our auditor will conduct an examination of your accounting records in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. As a result of our audit, we will often be able to provide you with value-added observations and recommendations, particularly in the area of internal controls.

       Internal Audit

       We can design and run internal audit programs to check that effective internal controls are in place, that records are properly kept and that, where applicable, your procedures are in accordance with corporate policy. We can also perform audits on management efficiency and on compliance with specific rules and regulations.

       Accounting System Reviews

       We can perform a detailed review of either your overall accounting system or of specific areas such as inventory control or costing methods. As part of this process, we can also assess the suitability to your business of specialized accounting software packages.


Accserve Co., Ltd. 

Address : PP Place Building 22 Soi Sukhumvit 62 (Yak8-5), Sukhumvit Road, Bangjak, Phrakhanong, Bangkok 10260 Tel: (02) 741-5530-1 Fax: (02) 741-5532





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